How to implement a slice with partly dynamic columns?

Hello everybody,
is there a way of dynamically controlling which columns to be included in a sliced table (besides those that are strictly needed) ? Basically like a show-if functionality …
I have a table with many columns, of which I typically only need a few at a time that I want to present to the user (defined by a preselection filter).
Thanks in advance for your help.

Unfortunately, no.

Your idea of using show if formulas would work, you can always pull the CONTEXT() of what view the person is looking at (or ViewType) and base logic off that. (This is something I do quite regularly)

  CONTEXT("ViewType") = "Detail", 
  {your other criteria here}

This means that the field will only be visible inside the Detail view - and when the other criteria is true. :wink:

You can do this for:

Context("ViewType") = "Form"
Context("ViewType") = "Table"

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