How to import/reference data from another app to improve sync

Hello good people,

I can’t seem to find an answer to my dilemma.

I have a table of “Locations” with thousands of rows, and I want to reference this table when I add new “Tickets” to another table. The problem is that the very large “locations” is slowing down the sync time.

How do I separate these two table into separate apps, but still reference them? That way I don’t have to sync the large “locations” table every time I sync the “tickets” table.

You could create another sheet by importing just the one column you need and use that for the drop down.


Yes I tried stripping down the table to get rid of as much unnessasary data as possible to reduce file size, but I still need a couple of columns with vital relevant info. For example…

I have the following columns

Unique ID , description , Address

The app still takes a while to load because I have close to 25000 rows in this table.
My thinking is to avoid having to sync the entire table since it’s never updated and only used as reference when updating other tables that need location info.

Is there a way to lookup a certain location key and grab that rows related description and address when filling out a form for the “tickets” table?

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Could you please add if there any “logic” that the app user uses to select a particular location out of 25000 options. How the app user currently zeroes down to select a specific record?

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You may also wish to add if each user needs to access all the 25000 rows? Do users need access to only certain locations based on say users’ own location?