How to include all users in a notification workflow

I’m trying to make a workflow that notifies all users when someone inserts a new entry.
I have a table that includes all users (name, email, etc.), so instead of writing the email addresses one by one, I want to make an expression for that.
SELECT(Users[Email], TRUE) - doesn’t do the job.

Any idea? :slight_smile:

If you use this SELECT(…) formula as a formula, not as a text, it should work. Users[Email] should work as well.

Mmm… it doesn’t work.
I have 5 users (5 rows in “Users” table).
It sends the notification just to me…

It sounds that you haven’t deployed the app yet. In prototype mode it sends all emails to app creator.

It is deployed.

What is your account ID and app name if I check your app?

It’s Private, but you can check “Simplex Flights”

Sorry, I couldn’t find any app with that name. If it’s private, you can send your account ID and app name directly to

Turns out that Users[Email] is not working.
With the SELECT() function, it did not… strange…