How to include multiple rows of data in a email pdf template

Hi Guys,

I am a complete novice to appsheet and I am hoping to get some help from the community! I created a basic qr scanning app to help track trainings and participants. the app consists of 2 tables “employee information” which consists of employee ids, names and QR code and a “Scan” table where the training information and qr scanned information is stored.

I am trying to have appsheet send an email via a worklfow w/ an attached pdf which shows all the participants of the training- problem is that it sends an email after every qr is scanned since the app auto syncs causing the pdf shows only 1 participant

Trainings can consist of 10-30 participant0s and various foreman can conduct trainings at anytime of the day. I was hoping for a way I could capture everyone who attended the specific training in the emailed pdf attachment.

Any ideas/hints will be much appreciated!

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Here you can learn how to add all the child records in a template:

Second, you should think at what triggers the email workflow. Do you want to send the email every time a new participant is added?