How to incorporate a discussion forum into our app?

Hello, is it possible to somehow incorporate a discussion forum into the apps we create with Appsheet? Whether it be something similar to this forum we’re all on now or via a forum API like Circle or MightyNetworks

An example use case might be where I have a Yelp like review app for plumber’s equipment. And I would like to have a link on there that says “discussion forum” where plumbers can discuss plumber’s lives, challenges and opportunities specific to their niche.

Thanks in advance!

I will go to another services for that purpose rather than appsheet honestly.


Thanks for sharing your opinion @tsuji_koichi

EDIT: Looks like through Zapier, it can connect to Vanilla Forum and Mighty Networks. I haven’t used either before so will give it a try. If anybody here has experience with either, any feedback or opinions greatly appreciated.