How to increment the counter value in spreadsheet?

How does the value for counter increase within the spreadsheet when an event occurs inside the appsheet ?

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Can you elaborate ? Which counter ?


Hi @Aurelien

We are trying to make an automation to keep track of number of emails send from a bot on a particular day

So each time the bot sends an email the counter saved in another Sheet should get incremented by 1

The Sheet in the hand will be having the following format . Is this possible using AppSheet. Could you please provide some insights on how to proceed

Date Count
21-11-2021 3
22-11-2021 4
23-11-2021 5

Any help is appreciated

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So you’re going to need to create a subtable. Then add an “Add a new row to another table using values from this row” action to create a record in the subtable documenting the email sent. Simply then add this action as the final step in your bot.