How to insert rows automatic by hours

Hi, i have a chart from a virtual column, but i want to save it, each one hour every day.
is it possible?

It might be doable with the SNAPSHOT(ā€¦) feature integrated with a Scheduled Report workflow but never tried, so Iā€™m not sure. SNAPSHOT(ā€¦) feature is still in beta phase as well.

i need only the green values, not the picture. but how to do it hourly

Levent is correct that if you need to do something on a regular schedule then you need to use a Report.

Currently, the finest grained Report schedule we support is daily. You can get around this limitation by creating 24 daily Reports with each report scheduled to run on a different hour.

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I thought that, but at report we not have the option to add a new row, like workflow with actions