How to isolate a single row and display that on a calendar?

I have made an app that records details of Orthopaedic patients awaiting surgery. In it, the table called “Full DB” records the basic details of all the patients. There’s an [Admission Date] column and a [Discharge Date] column, and these two columns record the admission and discharge dates of patients that I have brought up to a calendar view to show the length of the hospital stay as a colored bar. The only problem is, the calendar view attempts to show all the patients and ends up showing 2-3 bars and says (+4 more) or so when there are many patients to be displayed. What I want is to just display the length of the hospital stay of a single patient as a red-colored bar on the calendar when I tap on that patient.

As I feel the way to do this, was to create a behavior action (called “Hospital stay”) that brings up a button on the detail view of a patient and I made this behavior action as “App: go to another view within this app”. I created a calendar view in UX called “Individual Calendar”, and then wrote the expression in the behavior action as
LINKTOVIEW(“Individual Calendar”,“App ID”)
Now let’s say I’m in the table view of “Full DB” table, and I tap on the name ‘Malaka’ to view his detail view. I now get a button on the top of the detail view that takes me to the ‘Individual Calendar’ view from the detail view that shows details of ‘Malaka’.
For this ‘Individual Calendar’ view, I selected a slice of the “Full DB” table. As I said above, this “Full DB” is the table that records all the patients. But I created a slice out of it and connected that slice to the ‘Individual Calendar’. What I’m trying to figure out is a row filter condition for this slice, that will only select the row that contains the patient details of the patient I was looking at in the detail view.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you so much!

Instead of LINKTOVIEW() use LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(), this allows you include criteria to filter the rows you wish to see.

LINKTO…() functions:


Thank you very much!
I wrote the following and it worked perfectly.

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Individual Calendar”,[Key]=[_THISROW])

Thank you.