How to know if user interacts with form

Hello everyone, is there any way I can know if the user interacts with the form. Because I only want to change the value of one input according to another field on the same form when the user interacts with the later field.

I already know this, But i need specific solution for my problem. Please someone help me

You haven’t described a specific problem, so we can’t offer a specific solution.

Hey @Countryboy_OmEr.

One of my SOP is to include the following column group:

This includes an “EditUser” column that grabs the email of anyone making edits to the row; this provides a “who did it last” history, but not a complete edit history. You CAN find this if you use Gsheets by looking at the version history.

The way the “EditUser” column works is to use an App Formula:


This grabs the email of whoever is using the app each time it changes;

  • when I create the record, it’s my email;
  • when you complete the project, it updates to your email;
  • when Steve goes in and make edits, it updates to his email. :slight_smile:

The CreationUser column uses an Initial Value of USEREMAIL() to grab the email of whoever made it, but since it’s in the initial value it’s only recorded once; putting the value in the App Formula makes it recalculate with each edit.

If you really wanted to get crazy, you could create an edit tracking table, using the background record creation action to auto-create a record of who’s editing what record, when, etc.


For example, I have two columns ,“Column 1” and “Column 2”. What I wanna do is, if “Column 1” value is “One” then “Column 2” value is “None”, if “Column 1” has any other value than “One” , then “Column 2” should have value “One” and I only want to change the value of “Column 2” if user interacts with “Column 1” otherwise leave the “Column 1” blank. If I put the if expression in initial value of “Column 2” then “Column 2” value changes at the start because “Column 1” is blank. Can someone please guide me now what should I do.

Does this only have to work during the first time the record is created, or do you need this to be functional for edits as well?

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I don’t mind if it’s works everytime I edit. But it should also allow me to change it manually.

Well there’s two ways to go about this:

  1. you can stick with using the initial value formula;
    • this means it only works curing the record creation, after that it would stop the “automatic” setting of the value;
    • but it is much simpler to integrate. Or,
  2. you can create an “input” field and use that for the input, using your original column as the actual “output”
    • this gives you the ability to have things automatically set for you
    • it’s much more involved to create.

For the first one, I would think a formula like this might work for the initial value formula:

  if([Column1] = "One", 

Thanks brother, it works great.