How to Link different Forms (Views) in One Form (through REF_ROWS)

I have Different Tables which I would like to be viewed & entered from One view.
How shall I achieve this.
I tried REF_ROWs(“Table name”, “Text Value”) but, it’s not showing in the form from which I call the tables.

Thank you.

Please provide more detail on your intent. Are you trying to create a launcher?

Ok.! Sorry about that.
I have Two Tables,

  1. Project
  2. Labor

Through Project form, the Supervisor enters the details like, Project type, Location, Work Description, etc. Along with it , we need to include Labors worked in that project.

Instead of entering every details of the Project as mentioned above separately , for that particular project details, I would like to have the reference to Labor, where Labor details like Id, Time, Name, Type, etc would be entered separately.

This is very similar to Order Capture Sample App, but couldn’t get it working.

I’ve tried it with similar other app, where in One form, I would like to Call or Reference other tables which denotes different forms.

Hope this is clear.

One way of solving this is having creating an action i.e Labor form Action that opens Labor form, whereby you set the initial values in the Labor form using the formula Linktoform(“Labor form”, “Project ID”, [Project ID] )
“Project ID” - is a column in the labor table that refs the Project table
[Project ID] - The value of Project ID in the opened Project form

On the “Project form”, go to Behavior, event actions - choose the Labor form Action - this means on saving the Project form, it automatically opens the Labor form, sets the Project ID column with the value from the project table, and you can fill the remaining information

Given the similarities between Order Capture and your app, it’s probably best to consider the problems you had with Order Capture. What sort of problems did you have?

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Hi, Actually, I tried the same but, it’s not showing in the Form View.
Attached Screenshot of the same for your perusal.

Formula for Virtual Column : REF_ROWS(“Sleep & Dreams”, “Entry Id”)

I have even tried as “Text” type.

The form looks like this.There is no option linking “Sleep & Dreams” table.

This is how the “Sleep & Dreams” Form looks.

Thank you.

Ok. Let me try this Jeremy!
Thank you for your suggestion.

Hi @Kanha_PM_Office Is your Sleep & Dreams Ref marked as "Is Part Of "


But, for me I don’t have any connection from Sleep & Dreams Table to Daily Sadhana like how they have Orders Id & Order Details! (i.e., I am not calling Daily Sadhana from Sleep & Dreams).
I just use the latter to call the former as an everyday task list.