How to link splices to edit one row + few additional questions

So I almost have this thing done! I have four problems(not sure if i should make separate threads)

The main important one is, how come for every slice i have, it makes a new row to input data… and better yet how to fix it?

The second problem isnt as important but i have a 2 part agreement. With yes and no at the bottom. Right now i have it set to auto move to next view when completed… But if they say no well I want it to just stay there and maybe add some info about contact personal for problems with agreement, and if yes move on.

The 3rd problem is when the form is done I would like a simple completion. So i setup a splice with a notice that says finished. But after its finished i need it to roll back to the start of the views after a set time.

The 4th problem is there a way to hide a form and when 1 form is complete add a second one
For example
Customer #1
Date of birth #1
drop down menu #1(if finished add a second up to 8)

Hi! I’m not sure what a splice is. Could you explain that please?


Thanks! I see.

Slices are built off of tables. So, in regard to your first question, if you have a new row in your table, the slice should have a new row too. Is that what you mean?

Or, do you have a view where you don’t want the user to be able to add rows? I’m not sure what you mean.

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The slices are all from the same database, but for each slice it is adding a new row instead of keeping on the same row for information input

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I can’t imagine what is happening. Could you post a screenshot?

I guess its up to 4 now sense i added the 4th slice

Thanks @Yakko! I hope I can help but I’m not sure what is happening. Normally, slices don’t add rows. If, however, you tap “Save” when you display a form, it will add another row. Can you use the form to add more rows?

It doesn’t work that way. You’ll need to detail exactly what you’re doing to get this behavior.

AppSheet doesn’t have timers, so not possible.

This question makes no sense.


Oh, I think I know what’s happening. When the user finishes the first slice, you want them to continue to the second slice of the same row, but whatever process you’re using to get the user to the second slice is creating a new row rather than reusing the first row. You’ll need to adjust the process you use to get the user to the second slice to reuse the original row rather than add a new row. Not knowing what process you’re using, I can’t offer a more concrete suggestion.