How to look up a column from other table?

Hi all,

I have a question.
It might be simple for some of you, but i have tired few days i could get it done.

Please refer to the screen shot below.

How should i do this lookup in appsheet?

Hi @Clarence_Chin
Have you checked this out?


Yes, i tried using Ref, but it shows as a list, which i don’t need it to be a list, i just wan it to appear directly.

My Item Name there, appear empty after i tried

The App formula value or a normal (non-virtual) column is only updated when the row is otherwise updated, such as when saved from a form view or updated by an action. To get the value set for existing rows, you’ll need to open each row in a form and save (no changes needed, just Save). Then you should see the spreadsheet get the values.

Alternatively, you could make the Item Name column a virtual column, which gets updated automatically much more frequently. The downside of a virtual column is that the value isn’t stored in the spreadsheet.

See also:


ok, the virtual column works
as long as when i extract , it shows the column of item name.

It works now.
Thanks so much !

Thanks everyone time