How to make a column editable in one view and non-editable in another view

Hi !! I am creating an app for a lab where the front office staff uses “Add Sample” view to enter the basic details of the sample. After saving, the front office cannot make any changes to this data (I have used a slice to achieve this). The lab staff then uses “Update Report” view to update the results for a sample. In this view, I want all the sample data to only appear and not be editable, except the field where the report text has to be entered. Can you please advise on how this can be achieved. Thank you !!

HI @Rachana_KG

You can use the Editable_If field to do so:

Combined with an expression wrapping USEREMAIL() or something similar :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the response, Aurelien. Unfortunately, this does not help my situation because I need to allow front office to only add fields in one view and be able to only view all the data in other views.

You could use a slice of the data and set it to read only for the one view

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Maybe you need to create a dashboard view.

Dashboard with Interactive Dashboard Option ON (if needed), and view with entries:
-view “sample data to display” (read only, your slice)
-view “lab fields to fill”, with quick-edit ON (you may want to use a slice to limit the amount of fields to display, or use the list of column in the view specification as well)

Editable if based on CONTEXT()