How to make a list of values of a column in an other table

Hi appsheet,

I have used this expression in a virtual column of the table Personnes:
Registration[Equipe],[ID Personne]=[ID])-LIST()

What I would like to do:
In table Personnes I want to make a list of the different values in [Equipe] of the table Registration, and this for the rows in table registration where its column [ID Personne] = the column [ID] of the table Personnes.

When I add the expression above in a virtual column in my table Personnes it’s comparing column [ID Personnes] and column [ID] from my table Registration. (and not [ID] from table Personnes)

Any ideas?
Greetings, Bram

Dereference _THISROW to refer to the current row in the Personnes table:

Registration[Equipe],[ID Personne]=[_THISROW].[ID])-LIST()
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Great … it’s doing what needs to be done.

I found out that this is also working:

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Hi Steve,

I’m trying to make list of values for a column based on the key values from another column.
My First column is called ActivityModules and it has an EnumList of values that refference the value keys from the table Modules. Here, my SELECT formula works fine and displays the list of modules selected.

The table Modules has the following columns so I want to show this same columns in the table Activities
Module - Theme - Competence

The second column is Enum List and is called ActivityThemes this column, I don’t get to make a list to retreive the Theme out of the list of the column ActivityModules

In the end the column ActivityModules should have a list like “M1,M2,M4,M6” randomly selected. And the column ActivityThemes should have the theme from the module like: “Introduction, Tools, Analysis,Consolidation”.

The column ListaTemas (ActivityThemes) should display the theme for each Module in the column ListaModulos (ActivityModules)

I’m afraid I’m not clear what you’re asking of me. Could you clarify?

Of course
This is an activity and as you see, the column “ListaModulos” has the key values from modules specific to that activity> (Modulos Desarrollados)

This is the table Modules

this is the table Activities (I need to populate “ListaTemas” based on the key values from the column “ListaModulos”
To populate the ListaModulos column I used the formula SELECT(ActividadesModulos[Modulo],[Actividad]=[_THISROW].[Key])-LIST() It works perfect.

and this is the table ActivitiesModule, from this table I filter them “Modulo” to make the list of “ListaModulos”

The column Activities[ListaTemas] should look like this but I don’t know how to lookup for the Modulo[Tema] values based on the list from Actividades[ListaModulos] Key values.

@MultiTech_Visions I explained here with more detail

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The quickest/easiest solution is to add a column into this table (see above) that pulls in the Tema value; then you can use the same method of getting the list you already have, but pull the Tema column’s value instead.


Another way you can get your list of approved modules for an activity, and this is what I would do, is to create reverse reference column that pulls out the modules from the related ActivityModule records:

[Modulos Desarrollados][Modulo]

Using this method of deriving your list of approved modules is much more efficient. (To explain: when you use SELECT() the system looks over each of the records in whatever table you specify, but when you use the syntax [Related Records][Column_I_Want] the system only looks into the records in the [Related Records] list - which is almost always going to be much smaller.)

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If you’re on the Activities table, and you’ve got a column ListaModulos (that’s an enum, with a base type of ref to the modules table), then the following formula should pull in a list of names for the selected modules:

SELECT(Modules[Tema], IN([Modulo], [_thisrow].[ListaModulos]))


Perfect! This solved it. “ListaModules” column displays a yellow warning but it seems to be okay those two colums will be hidden.

I’ll try to make that reverse refference.