How to Make a Property Management App Is thi...

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How to Make a Property Management App

Is this scheduled for 9AM PT as original email or 10AM PT as Appsheet 101 Confirmation email? Thanks, Steve

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Also, how can I change the email address I registered for it?

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Apologies, I misread confirmation email which states 9AM PT to 10AM PT - so 9AM P it is!

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#1 - Change the option “UseLongDateFormat” as TRUE #2 - Create a workflow rule Behavior > Workflow > Add a new Workflow Rule and set the condition as [TASK]=“Completed” #3 - Use a slice or security filter with the expression [DriverEmail]=USEREMAIL(). You need to have that DriverEmail field in your table structure. #4 - Add a photo field to your table structure

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Hello all,

I am a beginner in App development using Appsheet.

I have been able to design an app but would like to know how to do the following:

  1. how do i display date as “Sat 7 Jul 2018” and not the usual “7/7/2018” 2) When a task is completed " how to generate a tab to send email or sms that for instance:

the " passenger has been dropped at the hotel" 3) How to allow/restrict each bus driver to only see the task assigned to him 4) How to add the picture of the passenger to be picked up for the driver to identify him/he