How to make a sumarized chart on a non key field

To simplify my problem :
In my table (workouts new) 4 fields (2 reals 2 virtuals):
1-[Start] - DateTime - Key
2-[Energy] - Decimal
Virtual :
3-[Day] - Date - Formula : Date([Start])
4-[Total Energy per day] - Decimal - Formula :
SUM(SELECT(Workouts New[Energy],[Day]=[_THISROW].[Day], [Day] <>TODAY()+1 ))

Then I get in [Total Energy per day] the figure I want to display in a chart
X = Day
Y = [Total Energy per day]

I don’t succeed to do that with my single table.
And I don’t succeed either to create and populate a new table with [Day] as key and Total energy

Could somebody help me Pleaaaase ? :slight_smile:

You can make a slice with a row filter condition that only selects a single record from one day. Use one of the following in the expression.

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Thanks for this, but the problem is that in the slice I will anyway keep the same key and then several record for the same day, right ?