How to make a url for downloadable image?

Hi everyone, someone knows how to create a link similar to this:

but what for a downloadable image? similiar to this:

I created sample app which guide to construct the expressions to generate the publich URL for image in an instant way. I published for the benefit to the community, as it may help those who are looking for it like you.

Just copy app and enter

“App Name, Table Name, Image Column”

to get the workable expression on your app.

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One thing I state is this is not “downloadable” URL.
Let the user of app to hold over the image, or right click then get the option to download the image working on.

This app is just prepread and help to construct the public image url for your guidance.

thanks @tsuji_koichi
Thanks for sharing your application, it will certainly help me.
What I want to do at this moment is not only the link of the public url but it is downloadable. I mean that as soon as you enter that link the image is downloaded similar to this:”

As far as I know, it is difficult to generate the donwloadable URL, i.e. the user click the URL or hyperlink then start to download image, as it is backend service rather than client.

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@tsuji_koichi or do you know how I can know the id with which the image is saved in google drive?

similar to this: 1zMWoVPV7xXHCGm7u9Icu0QbM2VcknAIm

I dont think so.

Appsheet does not have a way to get the file ID of Google Drive through its expression.
But without ID of file, we can achieve what we can do mostly wihtout knowing the Google drive file id.

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for your additional guidance to consider.

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the solution was to make an integration with zapier so that every time an image enters a specific folder in google drive, a new row is generated in an excel where it returns the id, with this id I can obtain the downloadable url