How to make a workflow to call an action

hi there,
I’m trying to make an action that substract the quantity of products ordered from the current stock of products,
this is the action to change the current stock

and the formula used here is [ProductoStock] - NUMBER(SELECT(VentasDetalle[Cantidad], ([ProductoID] = [_THISROW].[ProductoID])))
that action is called by another action that executes an action on a set of rows

and that other action is called by a workflow

but in the workflow there’s an error about the name that i tried a lot of things to make it work but i didn’t succeed,
any help will be appreacitated! greatings!

Where it says “Do This”, if you expand that section, have you in fact specified an action to trigger? Sometimes people leave this popdown empty by accident, which could cause this error.