How to make in one register many rows?

Hi, probably a very dumb question but really can’t solve it… I want to make a app that allows to my clients set a purchase order. The idea is that they make an entry and select different products and different quantities. I can solve the problem If I make several columns called for example: Product 1, 2 and so on. But what I really need is to have only two columns (product and quantity) and then the next item will be in a new row, not a new column… I hope someone could help me! Thanks in advance. Excellent app!

Hi @Simon_Signorelli,

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If I have understood your requirement correctly , you could take a look at the following sample app. The app has the concept of Order and Order details table.

Please post back if you are looking for something else.

You may also refer the post thread below that has many useful references to various AppSheet platform resources that could help you in your AppSheet app building journey.


Thanks soooooo much!! This is exactly what I needed! I’ll study it and learn the process. Thanks again for your useful and prompt response!