How to make money paying minimum 5/user?

Right, Id love to ask this to support buy seems you have to pay even for asking.
I have an app ready but have to pay minimum 5$ per user and month.
That means that I need to earn at least 5$ to pay the app for that user to use it.
So…how can you make money with an app at a reasonable price if minimum will be 5$ and 10 for a propper app?
I don´t get it…

You obviously have a certain type of app and pricing point in mind.

What kind of app are you planning to build? How many monthly users do you expect to be using your app? What are you using for a price comparison?

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You ask questions to answer my questions? :frowning: All your questions are not relevant to answer mine. If i need a minimum of 5$/month and user… this only make sense for apps with thousands users, enagagement, ads, and user data mining LOL

Charge the user more than you have to pay.

If you’re asking why AppSheet charges so much, it’s because it costs money to provide the service. Your AppSheet-based app relies on AppSheet services for normal ongoing operation.


Before I have all the company liking your comments, wich I obviously dont care because i am really asking a qeustion in case i missed something, thats it…
I obviusly understand that you offer me a service.
My point is that 10$ PER USER AND MONTH… is stealing.
How many apps do you have in your phone that you pay 10$ ? NONE? Well then trust me nobdy would pay ME 10 either. Neither then you will make ever business with me… or with MILLIONS of people that obviusly are loking to earn money.
Billing me for every single user… is just a joke. Plus then we will have to count days for each user and track every one and obviosuly trust you on billing. So simply with 10 of my stupid friends testing my app, I will have to pay 100$. THAT IS RIDICULOUS.

I tried to delete my account but everything here seems to be a bit difficult. Can you just delete my profile, since I wont be using this anymore? Thanks

I apologize but your question had a certain overtone of dis-belief implying a certain expectation. As related to selling apps, the question you asked is very broad and would require a lengthy answer to provide the details of all the ways you can market and sell these apps AND your biggest concern…profit from them. I was trying to cut to your specific use case and provide answers that are relevant to you.

You are making assumptions and don’t have all the facts. It may be that AppSheet is not the platform for your needs. This is the reason why you need to provide details of what you would like to do so those with experience can inform you.





Appsheet is super powerful tool, if you dont like, I respect any decision you make.
To run this rich platform, the platformer need to invest the bunch of money commerically, so they need to charge something, such a rich services can not be free all the time.
I just say good luck with you to find better and cheaper services. Bye.