How to Make My App User-Friendly

Hello there,
I am a high school student who has created an app to encourage my peers to recycle. The app design works great, but when I tried to share the app with others, it would not display their own profile, rather all of the profiles. Additionally, the data under the profiles shows to every user. In summary, I am really confused as to how to get my app to hold separate data for different accounts/profiles. I would appreciate any advice that you all have to offer. Thank you!

Here is the browser link for my app:

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Please check these out. Your app is possibly a Public App where there’s no data security at all. You need a Secure Sign-in App which shall be either a Premium or Pro Plan subscription.


Thank you so much for your quick reply! I will definitely check these things out!

Alternatively to @LeventK’s good suggestion, you could avoid user sign-in by instead using CONTEXT("Device") to associate a user’s device with the user’s profile. The user would always have to use the same device, though, so there’s a downside. You’ll also want to use a slice or slices to work only with the current user’s data.

Congratulations on your app!

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Thank you for your suggestion as well! I will definitely look into this!
I am a bit concerned, however, about one thing. All the formulas for my app are in the Google Sheets, not the app itself. I feel this might pose an obstacle for limiting data to each user, but I am not sure. Would it be preferable for the formulas to be in app sheet instead?

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Spreadsheet formulas are only recalculated when the app syncs, so the in-app values won’t change until that sync finishes. If the user uses the app while offline, the in-app values won’t update until the device is back online and syncs.

AppSheet expressions, though, are more likely to update within the app itself, though even that isn’t a given: some expressions are also only updated when a sync occurs. At the very least, an expression used to compute values while in a form will be updated as the form is used.

Some complex spreadsheet formulas aren’t supported by AppSheet, and may produce an error.

In general, best to use AppSheet expressions rather than spreadsheet formulas when possible.


Alrighty, thanks for the suggestion!

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