How to make predictive model for forecast next calving day for cattle?

Hello, my friends!

I am using appsheet for keeping record of my cattle.

And in this year I sought that every cow calves from 11 month after last calving.

How can I prepare data model for forecast next calving ?

I have two tables. Table cows - there all records about cows. ID, Birthdate gender and so on.

Second tables named Calves where I am use for linking cow with her calves. There just 4 colunns. ID, ID of the cow , ID of the calf and date when link is created.

Next calving forecast I use last calve birthdate.
For example,
cow #26 calved 2021-01-10. Next calving date will be from 2021-10-20 and "2021-10-27

I need just add for last calving date 283 and 283+7 for end calving.

How can I make predict model for those data table ?

Hi @sayan
Do you record when the cow goes to the bull , or are you just allowing 60 days from the birth of the last calf? You could just add 343 days to the birth date for the next calving date and 350 for end calving date.


Thank you! Make like this


No worries @sayan
Check back if you have any other questions.

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