How to make reference column as Required?


I am trying to make reference column as required but i am not getting the enable option for rest of 3 columns. Any reason why i got enable option for 1 column & why not for rest of 3 columns? Attached the screenshot FYR.

Is your first column a normal column where as the rest of are all virtual columns?

No… all the columns are normal.

You have created those columns manually by yourself?

No… it’s system created reference column…

Then it’s a virtual list column… not a normal column. You can see it from the color… if the box with a pen icon is blue, it’s a virtual column.

Yes, its virtual column, i am getting enabled option for 1 column but not getting enabled option for the rest. Any reasons?

Ref the screenshot.

For me it sounds that your first virtual column has been set as required with the old editor when it was possible to do that. If you want, you can open the old editor if you add &OldEditor=true right after the AppName-123456 in your URL.

Thanks @Aleksi. Its solved. But like to know, why this function is not available on new editor.

I’m afraid I don’t know the exact reason for this change… I need to check that.