How to make sequential number?

how to make a sequential number?

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Thanks for your kind reply, so what is the alternatives for this case?

Did you read the article?

which article?

The one I posted above.

Yes, i did, but I did not got this (One way to implement serial numbers is with a normal (not virtual) column named (e.g.) Serial of type Number and an Initial value expression …)


I have a work order app that creates sequential numbering for our work orders. Here’s the formula I use in the “Initial Value” column:

CONCATENATE(RIGHT([Year],2), [_RowNumber]+1)

Which gives me work orders that start with “20” and then the resulting row number. For example, right now I’m up to work order 20232. Works ok for our purposes.

2 lessons I learned:

1 - Don’t use this column as your “Key.” It’s not a reliable and unique enough number.

2 - Be careful if you decide to clean up your spreadsheet/database. I was cleaning up the app and decided to delete several work orders that were unnecessary. I then decided to remove these blank rows in my spreadsheet which created all sorts of issues with sequential numbering and work order creation. Not fun.

Hope this helps.


I was looking for a similar solution.

The best I found was to do this management through the spreadsheet with the command

ArrayFormula ().

Ps: MySql is easier because there is autoincremment

This is how i handle a sequential numbering. PUR1 is my static value for puchases.



This works…Thanks

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is this formula to be input in excel? or in the column of appsheet?

That’s an AppSheet expression, not Excel.