How to make the app show the number of entries made in numbers

Hi, I’m working for a company and creating an interface for me and my colleagues to make the process simpler. Here I have lots of rows with data, which are added using the form within the app itself. I want the number of entries in numbers to be shown at the top as a pop-out or on some sort, which should vary automatically when the users input new data.
For example, I already have 50 entries. I need the app to show the number 50 somewhere for the reference of the users that they have made 50 entries so far and when they input more entries, the numbers should change automatically, like if they add 4 more entries to the data, then the number 54 should be shown automatically somewhere (probably if it is like a pop-out kind then it would look good).
Thanks in advance for your help

An expression to find the number of entries in a Table:

COUNT( Table[key-column] )

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by “pop-out”, but I don’t think there is anything in Appsheet that’ll match that description.

Perhaps you could display the result of the above expression in a Show type column?


Thanks for the suggestions and explanations. The pop-out that I meant is about making it seen out like we see an add action button. Now I’m clear about the formula used, how to inbuild it into that button kind if it is possible?

Sure, you could use the expression in the Display name for an Action button. Actions can’t be used inside of Form views though. I’d stick with my Show type column suggestion. Perhaps combine it with a quickchart image.