How to make this expression correct?

I need the expression to check the column first, then if it matches (is true) i need the calculation:

IF([Category_Code] = “Accessories”, [Accessories Day Rate] * [Location_Total_Count_Out_By_Category])

This currently gives me the following error:

IF function is used incorrectly:three inputs should be provided — (condition, if-result, else-result).

[Category_Code] = “Accessories”, 
[Accessories Day Rate] * [Location_Total_Count_Out_By_Category], 
<you need to put something here for false results>

If you’re going to check Category_Code against many different possibilities, you could also use a SWITCH().

"Accessories",  [Accessories Day Rate] * [Location_Total_Count_Out_By_Category],
value2, result2,
value3, result3,
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got it. Thanks. I will try this.

This would also work:

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Thanks Steve…