How to make two ISNOTBLANK functions with OR

I’m hoping someone can help me with the proper formatting for this.
I am attempting to do something along the lines of OR((ISNOTBLANK[Payments],ISNOTBLANK[Driver Notes:])) but it isn’t working.
Thanks in advance

OR((ISNOTBLANK[Payments]),ISNOTBLANK[Driver Notes:]))
here after [payment ]) close bracket was missing for first isnot blank…
maybe that’s the issue

Expression ‘OR((ISNOTBLANK[Payments]),ISNOTBLANK[Driver Notes:]))’ could not be parsed due to exception: Number of opened and closed parentheses does not match.

OR((ISNOTBLANK[Payments]),(ISNOTBLANK[Driver Notes:]))

Unable to find table ‘ISNOTBLANK’

So the syntax can be confusing, but here’s a useful primer …

  • For functions, use a regular ( ) parenthesis. So CONCATENATE(“Kevin”, " ", “Bacon”)
  • To get the value of a column, put the column name in square brackets. So [Name] is the value of the column Name in the context of some specific row
  • To get a set of values in a particular column of a table, use TableName[ColumnName]. So Employees[Name] produces a list of all names of employees

So in light of this, @WillA108 the error in your formula is that you are using the last of those three patterns when actually you want to use the first of them.

ISNOTBLANK([Driver Notes])

Btw, I always try to break up a formula into multiple lines so it becomes easier for me to read later, match the parentheses, etc.


Thank you!