How to manage a periodic ckecklist

I need to develop a tool with Appsheets that allows me to manage verification checklists (audits on specific hygiene and food safety requirements) that are periodically carried out by different people, on different areas.
The checklist is quite long, and for each point it must be possible to insert OK / KO, a photo, and a notes field.
I’ve been hitting my head for several months, but I can’t do anything satisfying. There is nothing in the templates that is applicable, or at least I couldn’t find it.
Thanks in advance to those who can give me advice on how to apply Appsheets correctly.

Happy New Year wishes to all of you.


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Hey Denis_Bertusso,

AppSheet Training actually has a video on a “Vehicle Inspection” app that shows how to make a checklist of items to go through as well as a photo and signature per entry. It’s not specifically your hygiene app that you are working on, but hopefully it can give you an idea of how the feature works for what you are doing.

Here is the video: Field Inspection App - AppSheet Tutorial for Beginners - YouTube

They have a more in depth video of this Inspection app on their website too, if you are in need of anything further.

Have a good one!


Ciao Cale,
first of all thanks for the feedback.
I watched the video carefully, it seems not to be what I need, but it may have given me an idea on how to manage my app.
I try and see what happens …

Thanks again,

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How far have you gotten?

Since you have multiple data entries for each checklist point. The best way to handle this is with circular Form entry approach.

The idea would be to create a Checklist Report that has a pre-determined list of items that need answered. Starting the report would open the Form with the first checklist item. When the Save button is tapped, there are a set of actions attached to the Form Saved behavior that inspect if there are additional checklist items to be answered and if so then an action navigates the user back to the Form with the next checklist item opened. This continues until all checklist items have been completed.

This is a very high-level explanation. I hope it helps if you are still struggling.


I solved from the “sheets” side, transforming the checklist of questions into columns, with a transposed matrix. Rude but functional!
Thank you for the suggestion, which I will explore soon. I’m still new to Appsheet, still learning it.
Can you kindly send me a reference to an existing project related to “circular form entry”, or an YT explanation?
I was used to using the code directly with Appscript, but obviously the benefits of Appsheet are different.

Ciao e grazie,

I know of known that I can provide.