How to manage actions visibility, using the list of users located in one of the tables in the database

I would like to manage the visibility of the action in the same way as the visibility of the views. So far, I’ve done it with IN (USEREMAIL (), Table_name [Column_name]). Unfortunately, this does not work for actions. I have created an unrelated table with a list of users based on which I want to manage the visibility of the action.

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hI @Emilian_Bem,

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I believe you will need to further qualify your expression with another condition.

I believe, the expression you have given IN (USEREMAIL (), Table_name [Column_name]) will always evaluate to true for all the app users who have their email in the user table.

I believe you will need to create an expression something like below

IN(USEREMAIL(), SELECT(Table Name[Email], [Role]=“Sales Executive”))

The above expression will select only those email lists wherein the user’s role is sales executive and will evaluate to true only if the USEREMAIL() is included in the list of sales executives. Thus that action is available only tosay people with role as “sales executive”

In summary, I believe you may need to have another column called say [Role] or even [Actions Persmissions] to quality your allowed users’ list further.


It works perfectly. Thank you so much for help :slight_smile: