How to manage environments?


I’am begin with AppSheet and after a few hours to build and deploy my app, I ask myself the question of how to manage different environments. I wish I could have 3 environments for my app :

  • Development
  • Preproduction (it’s an environment for UAT testing)
  • Production

Each environment will be linked to a specific database.
In addition, if I make a hotfix in production, I want to be able to merge it on other environments

It’s something quite simple with Git and environment variables but on AppSheet I don’t see how to handle all this

Thank you for your answers


Hi Anthony.

To do this you will need to create 3 different apps that reflect your environments. When you are ready to move a Development environment app to Preproduction you will follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Preproduction app and use the App Upgrade feature under Manage->Versions. The target for the App upgrade field will be the app name for your Development environment app.

  2. After the app upgrade finishes AppSheet will have essentially copied the Development app and replaced the Preproduction app. Note at this time all tables, files and sources will be identical to your Development app.

  3. At this time you will need to then reconnect your tables, file stores and any authentication methods that you used and target the objects associated with your preproduction environment.

You would then repeat these steps to move from Preproduction to Production.


You can also have a stable version of your apps and a latest version too. The stable version does not protect vs changes to the table structures but if you are changing names, formulas, and actions you can use the stable version to keep those changes from affecting your users while you develop.