How to ? may i ask every on about how to fil...

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How to ?

may i ask every on about how to filter data. i have 1 data sheet. and i need to show some row on this sheet by select value on it. in example show only row that has State=“Colorado” value on table . so i can see row number 8,27,42,49 and i can use this to show in different UX that i can make Colorado view and California view thank-you

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Try making a new table view and under the UX options, and group the data by ‘State’. (When you click on the new view in the UX editor, you can see all the options it has. Under ‘Group by’ you can change how the data in the table is grouped.) This will create a view which shows only the 'State’s that are in the spreadsheet, and if you click on a row in that view it’ll show you all the parks in that State.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, please try to elaborate a little more on what you’re trying to do.


Hi, If grouping doesn’t do what you want, you could try slices.

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thank you for your reply. Now i try to understand slice function. if i not get it or it can do what i want. i will try to make a new sheet

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Now i can use slice and use row filter condition to do my job. thank you everyone