How to modify the image link

when I take an image the app create an image link attached to folder where it’s stored ,for exemple : “folder/ imageA
Now , I create a new column"link" , where I want to SUBSTITUE that word “folder” by “application” … please how can I create this formula


I tried with the SUBSTITUTE FUCTION : I create formula like
Substitue([image],“folder”,“application”) in order to replace the word “folder” by “application” but
I get a link like :

Where do you get that link?

I can replicate getting such a link if the column type is set as URL. What exactly is your goal here?

the nature of columns:
Image is image
link is text
I want that in the coumn link get values from column image but in condition to Substitue the word “ folder ” by “ application

I see. You’re right, a real text column with that substitute expression does ouput an “www.appsheet…” link. It looks like it works with a virtual column though (but only after a sync, it also shows the “www.appsheet…” in the form before a sync). Does a virtual column work for you? The other option would be to run the substitute function as a spreadsheet formula.

a virtual column seems good idea but It won’t be useful for me because the spreadsheet is in used with another app , I want that the values be recorded in the spreadsheet