How to move a part of description to next line in form view


Dear all,
The screenshot is part of a form view. The description (-- Customer Survey Section – 1) How …) belongs to one column of a table. I would like to know if there is a way to make “-- Customer Survey Section --” in one line and “1) How much…” in another line? Thank you.

Hi @AppSheet_Lectra
Perhaps it can be implemented by using a show column


Are you using the column’s Description setting? If so, you can include the newline directly in your text.

"--- Customer Survey Section ---
1) How much time did the engineer/technician take to attend your problems/questions and concerns?(1 as much longer than expected, 10 as much shorter than expected)"

@Takuya_Miyai’s suggestion to use a Show column would provide a much better result, though.


Thank you all for the valuable suggestion.

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