How to navigate to a particular row in a particular table?

I have my company database where a table stores the employee (they are also users) data, namely Employee Name, Employee Email and Phone Number.

Each employee logs in with his/her respective Email.

Now I want to create a menu view named ‘Profile’ which when tapped will take the particular person to a view that contains only his/her data from the Employee table.

I have added the Employee table in my appsheet and included it in the “Profile” view. When the profile view is tapped, it takes one to the complete list of employees rather than the concerned one.

It needs an action that will filter out other users, like ( if useremail(), linktoview(abc’s profile)).

Is there a way to just show the employee data from his/her particular row from the ‘Employees’ table?

I need help, please.

There is no way to attach an action to the main menu.

The best way I’ve found to accomplish what you want is to create a slice that filters out all but the current user’s profile, create a detail view that uses that slice, then attach that detail view to the menu.

There are close to 10 users. That means I have to create 10 slices for each of the users and assign a detail view to each of them.

And after putting the views on the menu, how can I make sure that the profile link takes one user to his/her particular profile view?

Do I assign show_if conditions for each of the 10 views?

Not at all. Create a single slice with a row filter that omits all but the current user from the slice. Create a single view that uses the slice to display the one user the slice includes.

I encourage you to familiarize yourself with slices.

Was able to do it.

The filter was: Emp_email = useremail()

That shows the row specific to the user.

But is there a way to go to the profile page directly rather than having an intermediate view first?

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Sure, just change the “Profile” view type from Deck to Detail.

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Thank you everyone.

I have got what I wnated.

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