How to navigate to a view from an action with...

How to navigate to a view from an action with the current row?

I have searched for an answer but not finding any solutions.

I have an app where I am viewing Order in a deck view with a list of actions.

One of those actions is Assign.

The app should switch to the Assign form view and update the SAME row with a person from a drop down list.

The Assign view uses a dedicated slice that built on the Orders table that limits the columns in the view.


I have tried using LINKTOVIEW(), LINKTOROW() and LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() functions.

In each case, when I switch to the Assign view, it appears it always is assuming a NEW row and is not using the row I navigated from.

I am most likely doing something wrong but can’t seem to figure it out nor find an example that helps.

Is what I am trying to do possible?

If so, how?

Thank you in advance!!

John Baer

CONCATENATE("#control=", ENCODEURL(“view”), “&row=”, ENCODEURL(“row”)) in a target

I have found that if I use the LINKTOROW() function and define my Assign view as a detail view rather than a form view it works as a TWO-step process -

  1. go to detail view

  2. click Edit to go to form.

For user experience, I want to be able to go straight from the action to the custom form to update current row.

but you need to update this row?

I spoke too soon in the above comment.

In my Assign action I am using the target = LINKTOROW([_THISROW].[_ComputedKey],“Assignment”) where Assignment is a detail view.

The action shows for each row but when clicked ALWAYS shows details for the first row only.

To test this, I deleted the first row in the sheet.

the Action then showed the NEW first row no matter which row I clicked for the action.

Cubyl - sorry, I missed your comments.

They were not there when I refreshed the list earlier made my other comments.

Anyway, I’ll try your suggested target.

And yes I want to update the row for which the user clicked the action button.

Cubyl - Thank You!!

Your suggested target worked great!

You saved me some time!

Where can I find documentation on the #control statement?

@John_Baer1, what @Cubyl helpfully shared is the “bare-metal” way of constructing an app link. Functions like LINKTOROW() and LINKTOVIEW() are ways to make it easier to construct these app links.

This article explains the options: - Column Type: App (Deep Links)

I think LINKTOFORM() might be useful for you Column Type: App (Deep Links)

I’m struggling to understand how I can tailor this line of code to my app.
Just like John, when I select a record row in the “Detail View” I want it to open that particular record in the “Customer Detail” view that I have created.

This view has just a few key pieces of data that fit on the screen and has a Off/On Button that can be quick tapped to show this record as job complete.

Basically I have a view with a bunch of people awaiting service.
Once there service person arrives they click that persons record from the “detail view” and get the slice view I created with a button that can mark that record complete (which will in turn remove them from the previous detail view).

When I try it I can make it go to the view I created but it just goes to the first record/row, not the actual row/record I selected.