How to nest(?) virtual columns under one virtual column

I have a “Projects” table in which I intend to incorporate virtual columns that sum the amount of money spent on a number of aspects, namely suppliers, contractors, users and a few more.

While I have the knowledge now how to use the SELECT() expression and compute the SUM of amounts spent on those aspects for each project, what I don’t know and think would be good to implement is that ‘nesting’ all those aspects under a “Total” tab.

The ‘total tab’, mathematically is just an arithmetic sum of all those ‘aspects’. What I want is a drop-down in the ‘total’ column which when tapped, drops down a menu with all the aspects and their associated expenses accumulated. All the columns would be virtual, with select() and sum() expressions within.

Please help.

Wow, that’s an interesting idea. I’m not sure it’s possible, though. The best I can imagine is to enable Quick Edit for the total column, then use a Valid If expression that produces a list with the desired aspects.

The total column is virtual, and if I make it a ‘real’ column it would still be a computed one. Quickedits are not available for computed columns if I know right. :disappointed_relieved:

If this can be put as a feature request, I will be happy to put one.