How to Not Allow Sales when Product Quantity is Equal to Zero


I am working on an inventory.
How do I block sales if a products inventory quantity is equal to 0?

So let’s say Product A with Bar Code 123 has 0 in quantity.
When I want to add a sale and I scan the Bar Code 123, I don’t want it to be allowed to make a sale, since the quantity is already in 0. How can I block that?

I did the following but don’t know how to make it work.

IF([Quantity].[Product] = “0”, “value_1”, “value_2”)

Virtual Column: Quantity
For table (not current table): Product
Value 1 and 2: I don’t know what I should input.

Thank you

Hi @Michelle_Digi
Maybe use validif


Thanks Lynn,

it says "Unable to find column ‘Quantity’ "

I’m thinking its because it is a Virtual Column. So I wrote

([Quantity].[Product])<=[Current Stock]

but it still won’t work.

Quantity is a Virtual Column inside the Product Table.