How to NOT let the user Select All in an Enumilst?

Hi there,

I use an EnumList type in a field of an app related to safety.
Since it is related to safety, I cannot let the user Select All the items from the EnumList, if the user is lazy he might do that without thinking of his own safety…
So I want the user to carefully consider each items of the list.
Is that possible?

Thanks !

Try this as a valid IF, assuming you have 10 items in your list

COUNT([Column Name])<10
COUNT(LIST([Column Name]))<10


There is no way to disable Select All.

Unfortunately, @1minManager’s suggestion won’t work if you’re already using Valid If to generate the list of available options.

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One workaround you may wish to consider is, though it is not an expression based or intuitive workaround. However since the question field is about safery, it may be worth giving an evaluation.

Please consider to include an option in the list called say “Leave this option blank” or “Do not select this option”. This will ensure that the user should not “Select all” .

However such options are always indirect and thus have limitations.


Great suggestion @Suvrutt_Gurjar !

You could take in a step further, where if all options are selected, show an additional field to fill out as extra confirmation/acknowledgement.


Yes @Marc_Dillon

Having an additional confirmation field, as you have suggested is another clean , neat approach.

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Thank you all for the great suggestions!
I’ll probably go for Suvrutt_Gurjar option since it is less work for me :sweat_smile:
Marc_Dillon solution is indeed cleaner but requires to add a new column for each EnumList present in the App and I’m lazy :wink:
I’ll check with the stakeholders of this App if this would be acceptable to them.
Thanks again guys!