How to not make location capture uneditable to user

Hi I have a table where I capture location twice the first location is the start of a journey and hence I put the here() expression in initial…however this would make the user manually change location if he wants to…for the end location I have put the expression in app formula and hence it’s not editable…

I am afraid if the put the start location in app formula instead of initial value…the location will once again change when the end location is captured…how do I overcome this issue

Make the column editable only if it is blank.
ISBLANK([_THIS]) should do the trick. I don’t use [_THIS] so using the actual columns name will work just fine as well. This will allow them to only update the column once. So you keep the first column as an initial value and you make the second location written by a button.

Set Initial value to HERE() and set Editable? to FALSE (not to OFF, but to the expression, FALSE).