How to not show duplicates in a Gallery view

I have a view that starts as a gallery view pulled from a dates column. I would like for the view to not have any duplicates. Currently if I have 3 appointments for 12/09/2019 then it shows up 3 times in the Gallery. Is this possible?


Try creating a slice using and then point your gallery view at the slice

Thank you 1minManager. I still need a little help though. If I put the expression “UNIQUE(Tyson Test[Appointment Date])” in the “Row filter condition” in my slice it get The expression is valid but its result type ‘List’ is not one of the expected types: Yes/No".

Tyson Test is the name of my table. Appointment Date is the name of the column.

I appreciate any help in figuring this out.

What do you want to happen when the user clicks on an item in the gallery?

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go to a list view of all the appointments under that date.

I don’t see a good easy way to do what you want to do. @LeventK, do you have any ideas?

Thnx @Steve…Actually I don’t have any idea but though @Foster_Lee’s request is quite reasonable, on the contrary it’s not logical as well. Because though the dates might be repetitive, as per AppSheet’s logic, they are associated with separate Detail Views. Provided we think a way to list them only once, then how AppSheet will now which Detail View to show when selected? On the other hand, Gallery View has minimum data to dispay: an image and a description text only. It might be more beneficial to use a Deck View I believe. As you can have more things to do in a single day, my preference will be using a Deck View and somehow display all the related ToDo’s for that particular date in a nested table under any Deck View item for example.

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You should add another column in which you record if the appointment is the first appointment for each day and use that to slice your table.

Or create a slice with the expression: MINROW("Tyson Test","Appointment Date")
With this you will have only the first row for each date.
Use this slice as the data source for your gallery view.

Then create an Action “App: Go to another view within this App” with a deep link LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() to open a list view of all the appointments under that date.

Attach this Action to the “Event Actions Form saved” in your Gallery view.



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