How to open e-mail editor as in the default e-mail action

I would like to have a form to select a bunch of e-mail addresses from a table to be set as BCC.

The form when saved should take me to the default e-mail editor (like it happens when we click the ‘mail’ icon next to an email address) with the BCC fields pre filled as selected in the form, rather than having an workflow send the email in the background.

This is a very specific requirement but it’s there.

Is there a way to achieve this?

You can easily do that with an Action. You can choose to display it prominently in the Detail view or attach it to a column in table view displayed inline.

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Is there a way to input the BCC recipients?

You can set an expression in the BCC property for that

Please, would you point me to where is it?

Aaaa, so sorry…For a moment I’m confused with the Email Workflow…Unfortunately I don’t see CC and/or BCC options with this action.
@morgan @tony any ideas on this?

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My specific requirements are to attach images, some pdf attachments and some text formatting. Is it possible without the action and only through the workflow?

Attachments and text formatting (thru HTML) is only possible with Email Workflow.

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When the e-mail action is selected then the action takes us to an email editor rather than sending the email already, right?

There is an option to attach documents and format texts from within the editor, right?

Re: Is there an option through the workflow approach, to attach images and documents (not documents which are produced through the workflow and attached to the email, but just a random document) ?

I haven’t understood this part. And as you are opening the native email client, you don’t need to specify any attachment, CC and/or BCC as you can easily specify them directly in the client.

There are documents and images in the computer. I want to attach them to the email. If I make a form and keep two file upload columns, and input image in one and pdf in the other, and specify those columns in the email workflow, can it be done?

The only problem in specifying the BCCs is that there are a lot, and ‘Selected’ from a table. If I have to input those BCCs directly in the editor, it’s a humongous job, and is likely to piss people off.

Yes of course

I still propose and advise using Email workflow and don’t mess with the external email client

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I still propose and advise using Email workflow and don’t mess with the external email client

Sorry for being too nagging and indecisive, but will the above process allow me to do all of these:

  1. Attach image and pdf from the computer or device?

  2. Format the body text according to will? Can I give a column specifying the format rules?

There are 2 options for this regarding the number of files that you would like to add

You can indeed format the email body as you like with using classic HTML tags. But you can’t refer to a Format Rule setting unfortunately.

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What are the two options?

For th second part, unfortunate on the thing I’m working on

Option #1 - Only a single file attachment

1.) Add a physical column to your table at the end (or where-ever you see fit): [Attachment] (Type: File)
2.) In the workflow rule set-up, refer to this column in Other attachments section:

Option #2 - Multiple file attachments

1.) Create an Attachments table with 2 columns: ID (Type: Text) and File (Type: File)
2.) Create a ref in ID column to your workflow table with isPartOf set to TRUE/ON
3.) You can hide this column from normal operation if you want to select attachments only when triggering the workflow
4.) Create a slice of your workflow table containing only the Key Column and Related Attachments virtual column
5.) Create a ref type Form view and assign the slice in Step 4 to this form
6.) Create an Action in your workflow table:


7.) Refer to [Related Attachments] column in Other attachments section in your workflow

HTML Reference



One more thing, when an email is sent from a workflow, and a reply to that email is attempted, the reply email address becomes Is there a way to change this?

There is a REPLY TO setting in the email workflow.


Sorry for asking. Fixed it. Its in the reply to field

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