How to organize the dependency between tables?

My tables and columns:

  • tasks
    — title (text)
    — manager (ref managers)
    — collaborators (how to attach one or more subordinate manager???)

  • employers
    — email (email)

  • managers
    — manager (ref employers)
    — subordinates (ref employers, how to tie a lot of employees???)

Please help me with the columns: “collaborators”, “subordinates”. What type should they be? What formulas should be used in them?

The best option would be Ref fields and then no formulas are needed.

Please check this article…


But how to make a field where you can select multiple rows from a linked table?

Column type of EnumList with base type of Ref.

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Could you send an example application where there is such a connection? I can not understand what is the basic type.

I set up

But there is nothing in the drop-down list

What am I doing wrong?

I solved this problem, thanks for the direction!

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