How to Prevent Duplicate Records

A very common type of validation you’ll want to add to your app is the ability to restrict people from entering duplicate information.

Such as not being able to add a contact into the “Contacts” table if they already exists; same with Products, Clients, Users, VehicleIDs, What-Have-Yous.

Preventing duplicates in this way is very straight-forward in AppSheet; all you need is a validation formula in the Valid If space for the column you want to prevent duplicates on.

Not(In([_THIS], SELECT(Table[Column_Name_for_THIS_Column], [TableID] <> [_ThisRow].[TableID])))

  • [Column_Name_for_THIS_Column] needs to be the name of the column for the one you’re trying to validate.
    • i.e. If I was trying to prevent a duplicate User_Name, I could put [User_Name] there - because that is the column that I’m putting this validation formula on.
    • If I didn’t want the same license plate number entered twice, and I was putting this formula inside the Valid If formula space for the field that records the license plate numbers, I would use [Vehicle_License_Place] or whatever the name of that field is.

What you’re really accomplishing with this formula is you’re pulling a list of all the values from [Column_Name_for_THIS_Column], then you’re seeing if the value entered by the user (that’s the [_THIS] part of the formula) is inside that list; but you’re also removing from that list the very record you’re working on.


Let’s say I have a Users table with the following properties:

  • [User_Name] to collect the names
  • [UserID] to generate a UNIQUEID() for each user (this is marked as the KEY for this table)

If I wanted to prevent duplicate user names, I would put the following formula inside the Valid If formula space for the User_Name column.

NOT(IN([_THIS], SELECT(Users[User_Name], [UserID] <> [_ThisRow].[UserID])))

This would prevent users from being able to enter the same name twice, but still allow them to enter it once.

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What's happening in the background

When this formula processes, what it does is:

  • Generate that list I was talking about (of all the [User_Name] values)
    • while excluding the record that we’ve got open in the form.
  • It then see’s if the value entered by the user is inside that list
  • Then we reverse that logic
    • because we want things to pass if the answer is FALSE to the IN() formula
      • meaning that the value entered by the user is NOT inside that list
    • the answer to that actual formula will be false - but we need it to produce a true value, in order to pass validation - that’s why we put the NOT() on there.

If I were to give you an example of this (continuing from the GIF above), the list looks like this:

Matt V, MultiTech Visions

If I came into the form and tried to enter “Matt V” again:

  • the system sees we’ve already got that inside the list (producing a TRUE value for the IN() statement);
    • but since we need a false value in this instance, we’ve wrapped the whole thing in a NOT() (reversing the logic).


Great tip, but I have to disagree with this part!
If it were straight-forward, we wouldn’t need this post. :sweat_smile:

This is a very common validation type that users want, but it is not straight-forward for new users. There should be a simple on/off toggle to enable unique validation on any column.

I submitted a feature request for this a while ago:

Definitely a helpful tip until there’s a built-in feature for this, though. Thanks, @MultiTech_Visions!


Isn’t this true for most of the Tips! :wink:


That’s Really a good one!

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And when you want to get fancy… partyparrot (Appsheet)


how I can rewrite this expression for no duplicate value in the current date. I can prevent this with a unique id and concatenate[userid]&[date] but I want a dropdown of the remain list that will be best to see how many users remain in the current date by dropdown list.

Thanks @MultiTech_Visions… Great tip… Saved to favourites… Cheers… :slight_smile: