How to properly organize work with a large number of rows in the database?

Hello everyone!
I have a question for the AppSheet development team.

What’s the best way to design a data-heavy application? In my case, it will be 1.5-2 million rows.
This application is for internal use, it generates possible combinations of entities (keywords for SEO).

This data is not often used (changed), but it will be accessed by other data, of which there will be at least 3 million rows.

Is it worth trying to make a similar application on AppSheet. Will there be persistent problems with this amount of data (synchronization, performance on the device, errors when adding / updating large amounts of data, etc.)?

Will the purchase of the Enterprise Standard plan solve some of the problems and difficulties with scaling (we have few users, only 8 people).

And further…
I started doing tests and added about 45000 rows by an external request api in a batch way (500 rows at a time).
Then I increased the batch size to 1000 lines and got an error (this error is not displayed in the Audit Log panel). On packet 12, the AppSheet server gave an error (see the screenshot below).

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I also want to invite community members who faced a similar task and found some solutions to discuss this topic.

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AppSheet team please clarify my question. If it’s not difficult). Thanks in advance!

Hello everyone again!

  1. Are there app creators in the community who solved my problem (see the first post)?
  2. Can someone from the Appsheet team give feedback on my problem?
    @Steve, @praveen, @MultiTech_Visions, @Marc_Dillon, @tsuji_koichi

I don’t think I would recommend the Appsheet platform for applications where the number of records is in the millions.


@Marc_Dillon, thanks for the feedback and your opinion!

Tell me, what is the best way to understand this boundary (the boundary of AppSheet performance) when working out the concept and architecture of the future application?

Maybe you use some “author’s method” in your work to understand that AppSheet is not suitable for solving a certain problem?