How to rearrange detailed views to one data set

I have one data set that has a list of locations. Within that data set I have multiple detail views referenced which sort selective information for a dashboard. This groups information together that are like items. The problem is that the ref detail views are only desired to show on the dashboard. I would still like the original detail view to show when the location is selected within the location Deck view. Is there a way to force the original ref detail view to open when the location is selected in the Deck view?

Hi @Joe_Ingersoll

Maybe you can use slices instead of interactive view, and redirect your views on these slices instead on whole dataset.
You may need to create a mini-dataset (slice) based on an enum item, that people will select.
Then, add a view for the enum type item that users will select.

I don’t know if I’m clear in my explanations ? :crazy_face:


Thank you for the response! That makes sense to me. I thought that might be the alternative but I wanted to see if there were additional options. I will give it a try.

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