How to reference a non-key column of another table

So, Table A has column ID (key) and column A1.
Now, I need to create a Table B with a column whose values must be chosen dynamically among A1 values.
Is there a strategy for doing this?
Thanks in advance

Hi, try this, one way of doing it:
in table B, in the column you want to use: under data validity - valid if: tableA[A1]

Alternatively you can create a reference to tableA, depending on what the relationship between those two tables is.



Thanks, the “Validity if” is the solution!
On the other side, I am not sure if the reference can be done, because it’s not referencing the primary key.
Unfortunately there is a bit of additional work to do in order to mimic the relationship between the tables, you need to create actions with navigations using LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW.
It’d be nice to have everything already cooked. Maybe should I post a new feature request for implementing this?