How to Refresh Data without clicking Edit Save

I have many rows of data in my Employee Salary table and if I want Appsheet to recalculate the formulas and fetch the updated data from the database for which I have to click on every row then click edit then save to get the updated data. I have many rows its difficult to do it one by one. Is there a way to refresh that data in one shot for all the rows in that table?

Please let me know. Thank You!! :blush::pray:

AppSheet well documented. Sometimes it is useful to read them
For exmpl


Thanks for your reply… I read the article you sent me regarding bulk select and it says: You cannot set the value of a column that: Contains an AppFormula and I want that App formula to be executed so that it picks up the updated values…how do i do that? Please let me know…

Quick Update System - How to update records in your app with a push of a button you can try this


You don’t write about autocompute formulas in your app.
Really, in that case you can’t use Bulk Select
But if you creates table view for your data, and swithes on “Enable QuickEdit”, then you can edit data without opening other forms
Like on pic

Or use recomendations on prev post How to Refresh Data without clicking Edit Save - #4 by Rifadm817

Now i’m test next scenario:
Table with columns:
Data1 as Number
Data2 as Number with formula [Data1]+10

Because can’t change Data2 using BulkUpdate’s I’m use next:

  1. Create Action Plus10 for Data1 with data change as Data1+10
  2. Create Action Minus10 for Data1 with data change as Data1-10
  3. Create Grouped Action UpdRowPlusMinus as sequence of Plus10 and Minus10
  4. Create Action BulkSetOfRows for rows you need select(table[ID],{your conditions})
    or for all as select(table[ID],true)
    with Referenced Action as UpdRowPlusMinus

It’s works
Expects: if Data1 is not Number but Text, you can use CONCATENATE()

I am able to update 1 row at a time but I want to update all rows in the table when we click the button.
Please let me know how to do this. Thank You! :blush::pray:

Hi @Total_Solutions

What about that:

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I want the Dhamaka Points to be updated by running the formulas when I click on the Button.

What I understood is that in the Reference Rows I write: TableName [KeyColumn]

But I did not understand what to put in the Reference Action. I am attaching the snapshot of the options I see.

Please let me know. Thanx :blush::pray:

Please have a look at this post carefully Quick Update System - How to update records in your app with a push of a button

Everything you will need is available there. :slight_smile: