How to remove all the column evaluation_taste


Hi @Audit_CKGoC


Picking a specific list will display only those picked.
Picking none will be similar to picking “All Other Columns”

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I want to remove All the comma in the column evaluation_taste rather.

I assume this column is an expression that results in a list.
If so, you may want to wrap the expression that provides this list, into a UNIQUE() expression.
For reference:

Can you confirm ?

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yes you’re right. but the problem here is even though the column is blank, it still show a comma and we have a bot that only triggers when this column is empty.

OK, then try:

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You’re a beast. Thanks a lot


You are welcome :slight_smile:

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Note that list subtraction has the side-effect of removing duplicates, so the use of UNIQUE() here is redundant. This will accomplish the same thing:

([yourPreviousExpression] - LIST(""))

See also:

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