How to remove text and keep icon in the view

I was wondering how to just keep the icon in the view section. For example, I have 3 options, Fixed with tick, On-Going with a truck icon, Not Fixed with a cross.

Hi @Prodragus_Gamer! Welcome to the community!

I’m having trouble understanding what you mean. Are you referring to icons on actions? Are they disappearing? A screenshot or two might help.

For a Status column, what I have done is used a column of Color type with the color assigned as “” (empty string) and then used Format Rules to assign/change the icon as needed. The result is below.

I used a Color type column because it is the narrowest column but with the “Default” width it is still fairly wide column. If I select “Narrow”, I get what’s shown in the second image. I’m sure if I play around with this a bit, I could get a narrow column without the ellipses.

Default Column Width

Narrow column Width


I like it, but still would be messy, if there was a way to just add an icon and not include text, let me know! :smiley:

See the comment (with the images) by WillowMobileSystems - the icons to the left, I want to just have those on its own and not include the text.

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If you are suggesting that you still want a column header but then an icon to replace the text, you can do that too. Use Inline Actions!

An Inline Action is attached to a column and in a table view it will replace the normal displayed text with an icon. You can setup that Action so that it does nothing so you just get the icon. Or take advantage of it being an Action and have it do something meaningful.