How to remove the Plus symbol (Add new row)?

I created a Deck view for my table and by default it has a Plus symbol at the bottom to add a new row to the table. How to remove this? (Screenshot added)

Screenshot 2019-12-10 at 16.42.31

Hi @D_App,

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In case you wish to remove add button for all the app users from only this deck view of the concerned table, then you could create a slice on the table with say only say updates and or read-only option. Then you can build deck view based on that slice.

You may wish to take a look at the below article on the concept of slices

In case you wish to manage different table accesses for different users to add/delete/update/ read-only operations then please take a look at the below article

Hello, thank you. I want the users to have all control. My need is to remove that big button there from a UX point of view. It is big anr confuses the user. I will prefer to have an add button some where else if i need. Is there a way to just remove/hide the button?

Based on your above requirement, it sounds that you wish to give all the control to the user, including adding a row. It is just that you wish the Add (+) button not to be displayed in the overlay position in the deck view. If so, please explore a couple of options/workarounds mentioned below. Exact implementation may depend on how your app view structure is. Hope this helps.

Option 1: You can hide the “Add” button just for that deck view by using CONTEXT(“View”) function. Please see the image below. The CONTEXT(“View”) functions needs to have your deck view name. If you wish to totally hide the action as described in option 2 below, please select setting “Do not Display”

Option 2: If you wish to hide it the system generated overlay position Add (+) button for all summary views( table, deck, gallery ) and have it in “display prominent” position in detail views, then you can hide the system generated Add button action. Thereafter you may add another action type “go to another view within the app” and use LINKTOFORM() function to open up a blank form of the same table from the detail view. You can call this action as say "Add Row"action. It will display in prominent position in detail view.

Request you to go through following article for the deep link (LINKTOFORM() type) actions.